What would you BE, DO or HAVE if you weren’t afraid?

Tap into your imagination, dream BIG and say ‘hello!’ to your FUTURE SELF

Start your manifesting journey by creating a D.I.Y.

Digital Vision Board

Hi There, I’m Lisa – Mentor in the art of living your dreams.

You’re here to grow into the expression of your highest self.
I’m here to help you do that.

Vision Board Workshop

Dream your ideal future into existence at these in-person and online workshops. Walk away with an inspiring digital reminder of the life you desire.

Say Hello To Your Future Self

You feel like you’re just scratching the surface of your potential and want to become more aligned, courageous and confident in your calling. This is a 90 DAY online group program for feeling upbeat, taking inspired action, and consciously creating your BIG dreams.

Infinite Possibilities Course

Discover how powerful you already are with this 8 hour course. Learn to trust that abundance, pleasure, health and love are within your reach.

I inspire people to find the courage to change
and grow a life of their dreams.


Working with Lisa Kelly has had an incredible impact on almost every aspect of my life. My business grew 300% last year, and I have thrived personally in ways that I never thought possible. Lisa’s insights have guided me to see past my blind spots and to break through my own glass ceiling. Her wealth of knowledge continues to steer me in the right direction and has become an invaluable resource towards reaching my goals. I truly attribute this growth to the work we’ve done together and I’m sincerely grateful to have Lisa in my life!”

Emily McInnes ~ Founder and CEO, EYE BUY ART, Inc.

I decided to take the leap with Lisa Kelly in the lead. The result - miraculous. Something shifted. Did it change my life? Yup. I'm still feeling it.

Hope Paterson, MamaHopey.com

I was stuck and uninspired in my career and finding myself increasingly discouraged. Lisa's vision board workshop set in motion a series of inspired forward actions that have brought me to a place of ongoing exploration and alignment. Lisa invites her clients to dream big without fear of consequence. Her encouragement to envision my best life gave me permission to see what was possible for myself in a way that I hadn’t been able to access before. Less than one year later, I am transitioning into a vibrant, fulfilling new career and enjoying life in ways I did not imagine when I took my seat in Lisa’s workshop. I am grateful beyond words to Lisa for her mentorship and guidance in mindset transformation.

Sharyn Abelson, Whole-Life and Leadership Coach

I can't believe this is my life!! I look at my vision board and I feel like I'm on that path. I love how the board helps me be accountable to myself. It reminds me to celebrate my progress and my journey.

Kirsten Kunau

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