I honestly feel like I’ve been preparing for this COVID 19 upheaval and shut-in time for years. Maybe even my whole life. There have been several crises I’ve gone through over time and with transformational healing, I gratefully now have a maintenance program that keeps me fairly steady. Of course I’m always evolving – but it’s progress not perfection. And as the years pass, I can assuredly say that my design for living keeps me grounded and I have peace of mind most days.

A friend of mine said to me just the other day ‘you’re like a calm sip of lovely tea in this ocean of uncertainty’. I thought – wow – I didn’t know that I came across that way, especially knowing my own monkey mind, but again – doing the continual inner work helps with responding sanely – most times – to circumstances beyond my control.

Aside from single parenting and being an entrepreneur, managing my mental/emotional health is pretty much my full-time job. And to be honest – that job actually comes first before the other two. It’s the rule of putting on my own oxygen mask before I assist anyone else. Only when I first help myself can I effectively help others.

Because I’m so passionate about clean and stress-free living, I want to share all the tools in my toolbox that I use for my mental-emotional-physical-spiritual health 365 days a year.

On Monday, I started #21daysofmentalhappiness on my Instagram story, just to share what keeps me healthy. I probably could have created one for #100days, but for now will stick with 21 to cover the amount of time for our projected social distancing and school closure that we are doing here in #Toronto. I will be posting daily tips on my IG story and saving them to the ‘21 Days Happy’ IG highlight for reference and in case anyone misses a day here or there. Be well, everyone.