It doesn’t have to be Either/Or…

You absolutely can want MORE and, at the very same time, cultivate an attitude of gratitude. ‘YES, I am grateful… AND I would love to grow and expand and become more of who I am capable of being!’

As humans we are growth seeking in nature, so it makes sense that we would innately want different and better for ourselves! And yearning for more time, freedom, greater abundance, better health is simply an expression of our spirit leaning into expansion – which is exactly what it’s meant to do.

No one ever taught me this. I was always taught to be grateful for what you have. ‘What we have is enough. We don’t need more’. ‘I don’t have any money, but I’m rich in other ways’. I had so much gratitude for the ‘simple things’ but didn’t dare dream about wealth. Being raised by a strict Irish Catholic father didn’t help matters in establishing my beliefs around this subject as a child either.

Of course, I can’t blame my parents – they taught me what they had learned as children. Their parents endured the Depression. My parents weren’t aware that they had a choice. They both stayed small in who they became and were okay with that mindset. They didn’t know that they could be any different. But I know that they secretly wanted expansion too.

It’s can be challenging to counter these old thinking patterns, but there are many ways to hack the old programming. I guess that’s why I’m so fascinated with mindset work.

If you feel like you’re just scratching the surface of your potential and are ready to GROW, become more aligned, courageous and confident in your calling, I have a 90 group program starting Thurs. Mar. 4th – see details here.