Individual Coaching

with Lisa Kelly

**All sessions have moved online and are facilitated over zoom until further notice.

Hi There, I’m Lisa – Mentor in the art of living your dreams.

Investing in coaching is one of the best things you can do for yourself. I’m so glad that you’re here and thank you so much for your interest.

My services include:

  • 1:1 Motivational, Mindset and Accountability Coaching (see below)

  • Group Coaching Programs (to be informed of upcoming group programs, subscribe here)

  • Online and In-Person Workshops and Trainings

You are ready to play a bigger role in your life. You’ve heard the tiny voice from within – it’s time.

You’ve Been Feeling This Way…

“My current life aspects indicate that it’s time for change or reinvention.”

“I’m at a transition point, but I am unclear how the next phase is going to look.”

“I recognize the possibility for more freedom, energy, abundance and fulfillment.”

“I know there’s more to life than this.”

You know you’re meant for something more and can feel that magnetic tug. It’s nudging you towards something bigger and it’s like you’re at a pinnacle turning point…

It’s never too late to attract the things you want. You can start right now.

Say Hello To Your Future Self

Welcome to my signature 1:1 coaching program conducted over 13 weeks (with the option to continue for another 3 months after that).

You will discover how powerful you actually are when it comes to manifesting your dreams and desires. You’ll learn how to harness your thoughts, beliefs and feelings and move past limiting beliefs and negative self-talk in order to manifest your vision through deliberate, consistent actions and in turn, see some EPIC results.

During our time together, we’ll address:

1) Ways to get clear on your deepest desires and

2) how to make them a reality

Two key concepts you’ll learn:

• Everyone can succeed, no matter who, no matter what

• Learn just how POWERFUL you truly are

You’ll leave with:

• A new-found understanding of how our thoughts create our reality

• Practical tactics for how to go from scarcity to abundance mindset

• Know-how to transmute fear into faith

• Excitement around reclaiming your dreams and desires

…and  in turn, live your BEST life!

You will also learn to:

• Improve Your Morning Routine

• Conquer Procrastination/Avoidance (perpetuated by fear, self-doubt, perfectionism)

• Take Inspired Action Consistently

• Say No/Set Boundaries

• Stay Accountable

Inspired Guidance for Creating Your Dream Life

Hi, I’m Lisa Kelly,
and I’ll be your coach.

I like to think that we don’t choose our dreams – our dreams choose us. It’s important not to hold yourself back, since you’re here on this planet – living this one life – to become the highest expression of yourself.

You might be feeling called… But you’re not sure what exactly this inner pull is calling you to do! You may also feel like you’ve been settling for less for too long. Or you may already be on the path, but need more clarity, support and accountability.

If you feel ready to listen to the voice saying you’re meant for something more, this coaching program is for you.

Who This Is For

We’re likely a good fit if:

✓  You are hungry to take your career/business, your well-being, your relationships – heck, your whole life—to a new level. And you recognize that your old habits are not going to get your there.

✓  You are open to doing the real work to achieve self-mastery: identifying and tearing through the emotional blocks, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

✓  You are ready to step fully into your integrity and confidently carry out your mission here on earth.

If that’s you, let’s connect – just click below to book a Clarity Call.

Who This Is Not For

We’re probably not a good fit if:

✘ You have an addiction problem with drugs or alcohol, and you haven’t sought help from a therapist or addiction specialist

✘ You’re looking for support with clinical depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or a personality disorder

✘ You’re looking for someone else to solve your problems for you, or to get quick results without serious effort and commitment on your part

 ✘ You are completely satisfied with your current life situation and don’t desire to make any changes

This program has opened up an absolutely new way of living. In terms of my business and in my relationship with my husband, dreams are coming true; manifestations are happening. Things I’m visualizing and affirming are coming to fruition in the same day! It’s been just INCREDIBLE.

I have more confidence in who I am and the work that I'm doing. In using the tools from the program, I have seen my acupuncture practice grow, my sales increase, and my online yoga students increase. My mindset has shifted especially in regards to my beliefs and thoughts. This program has changed my life - I just loved it and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again'.

Noel Wright

Founder, Wright Wellness

How It Works…



  • We meet every week for 60 minutes
  • It’s a 90 day/13 week program
  • We alternate between accountability, manifesting and mindset coaching from my Infinite Possibilities training every other week.
  • You’ll have actionable steps to complete between calls for the week ahead


The more you put in, the more you’ll get out. On average there will be 30-60 mins of homework per week on top of our weekly call. You will want to invest as much time needed to get the results you crave.

Note that forming the new habits will change how you do things, so time may need to be allotted for them initially.


You will receive recommendations from my personal Reading List

You’ll also get a helpful workbook with all the Infinite Possibilities course content and exercises that you can refer back to whenever you need it.

Your own personal case portal where all files and videos are stored along with private messaging capability so you can contact me for questions or feedback.

By end of month #1 you’ll be clear on bigger dreams and goals than you’ve ever allowed yourself access to before. You’ll also begin to consciously flip thoughts and beliefs that have held you back from ‘going for it’ in the past. After the first few weeks in the program you will experience your own personal transformation that will be more than you ever expected…

By end of month #2 you’ll have new habits in place for motivation and accountability to keep your momentum going with baby steps taking you closer to your goals.

By the end of the 90 days you’ll be in full swing connecting regularly to your intuition along with a stronger faith knowing the Universe is conspiring with you in support of your dreams. You’ll also see evidence of how your mindset shifts, continued habits for staying energized, as well as doing things out of your comfort zone are all having a direct effect on what’s manifesting for you!

I’m going to teach you how to set a goal so big that you can’t even achieve it until you grow into the person who can! Exciting, right?

If right now you’re leaning towards saying yes to coaching with me – you hear that whisper from within or maybe even feel a little emotional – but you’re having all kinds of doubts and worries and (probably very logical) reasons why you shouldn’t do this at this time, that’s actually a good sign.

It indicates you’re taking this gigantic step seriously.

But here’s what I want you to know: 1) Everything you want is on the other side of “comfortable”, and 2) it costs you nothing to book a clarity call to feel it out.

Success Story

‘I loved the positivity of the program, each week it gave me the reminder that I can create an amazing life and now as I go along in my day I have these tools for combatting negativity. I am able to move more quickly into action, hear my thoughts and have faith in the Universe. It’s really helped me detect my limiting beliefs and let them go. Lisa is so knowledgeable, she brings her own experiences forward and they are so helpful and relatable. It was fantastic!’
~ Crista Carson-Pavao

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“The world behaves differently when I take action
and go after what I want.”

– Price Pritchett

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