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Helping company leaders achieve team mojo for vision and expansion through fun, unique and interactive goal-getting trainings

Employers want to ensure their employees are empowered and engaged. A healthy workforce is a key factor in improving performance.

That’s where I come in. I help cultivate an empowering environment equipping corporate team and executives with tools that will inspire a mindset of enthusiasm and a positive, winning attitude toward work, home and life!

Whether in-person or a virtual event, my workshops will rekindle motivation, and give rise to a growth mindset.

People want purpose and meaning from their work. They want to be known for what makes them unique. This is what drives employee engagement.’
~ Gallop Workplace

Digital Vision Board Workshop

This is not the old-school magazine cut-outs,
glue and poster board way

This is not and arts ‘n crafts type of collage-making. It’s an innovative tech method and creation formula that is super successful with goal-getting. This workshop motivates and inspires employees to start manifesting their goals and dreams in both their personal and work life straightaway. At the end of this engaging digital experience, your team will leave with a better understanding of the vision board’s power and be keen to plan their next steps of action.

How Does It Work?

This workshop is perfect for:

  • A quarterly or annual, all-employee kickoff meeting
  • A half-day addition to your sales training
  • A “team-building” session

Length and Group Numbers

For an intimate group (no more than 12 per group), the workshop length is 3.5 hrs, with breaks interspersed. This can be facilitated at once – normally on a Friday, or broken up over 2 to 3 sessions.

For groups of 30 to 80 people, the mini – 60 minute version is recommended.

Connect with Lisa to discuss options and get a better understanding of the structure for either training.

People spend a third of their lives at work – the workplace significantly impacts their wellbeing. Investing in employee wellness will be an important differentiator for companies to attract and retain talent, especially in younger generations now entering the workforce.

From a Pro

I’m Lisa Kelly,
and I facilitate these
highly effective trainings.


Success Stories

“We recently invited Lisa to our department to conduct her vision board workshop for staff. Everyone who attended agreed that what we learned during Lisa’s workshop was a game-changer. It was a fulfilling experience for each of us individually – to learn about ourselves and to achieve clarity of purpose.
But it was also a tremendous team-building experience, an opportunity to learn about each other, and to acquire a skill we can apply in the corporate context to support our goals and aspirations in the organization. We have since decided to create a vision board for our collective 2020 department goals – and may also implement this tool to help us focus and to inspire us on special projects and initiatives.
I would highly recommend this workshop to any business or organization – it is powerfully motivational for team members and has limitless potential value for your bottom line.”

~ Nadia M – Department Manager for large regulatory organization,
(company name asked to be omitted for privacy reasons)

“This one’s from the heart: Lisa led our team through a half day vision board workshop and it was a transformative experience for us. Two of our team members were new and still settling into their roles. One in particular who had no idea what a vision board exercise was before we started had such a big breakthrough once he got started and his vision for his life started to take shape. He was able to get in touch with a sense of gratitude. His renewed sense of possibility was contagious and all of us felt closer and more connected at the end of the workshop.
Lisa led us masterfully through the process, gently guiding us every step of the way and celebrating our excitement as a team. Thank you Lisa!”

~ Catherine Choi – SoYoung

We partnered with Lisa to conduct a 1.5 hour workshop with our employees to teach them about how to prepare a Digital Vision Board. Lisa was amazing to work with. Responsive, professional and so knowledgeable on this topic. We had great feedback which indicated that Lisa has an amazing way of pushing people beyond their limits to “dream big,” using some well-crafted tools. Would definitely recommend Lisa’s workshop for any organization, looking to provide a wellness opportunity for their employees.” 

~ Nicole Casciato – Johnson & Johnson

We had the pleasure of having Lisa facilitate her digital vision board workshop for our team at the end our week of National Sales Meeting.  Her unique workshop was a wonderful way for everyone to get into the feeling of ‘what’s possible’ and think outside the box of a limiting mindset. The group had a lot of fun sharing and being creative with each person getting inspired by another. By the end, participants felt uplifted, pleased with their completed vision board and enthused for manifesting goals in the upcoming year. Lisa is skilled at helping people find clarity with their vision in a professional way while at the same time making it comfortable and exciting. I highly recommend this unique experience for any company.” 

~ Juliette Donoghue – Dermalogica

Momentum & Maintenance Program


The vision board is a powerful tool – no doubt about it, but waiting for things to magically manifest is a fallacy. We can think about our desires all day long, but if we’re not putting in some effort, nothing is going to change. 

But here’s the thing: sometimes taking action can feel overwhelming when we don’t have the clear next steps. However, if we have someone or something to guide us and keep us accountable, we can actually see progress quite quickly.

The perfect follow up… Once the vision board is complete, deepen the team’s excitement for future growth and success with Lisa’s various lunch ‘n learns – customized to your employees’ specific needs.
Training programs are designed on a client by client basis. 

Connect with Lisa to discuss options for virtual or in-person custom workshops, trainings and programs to support you and your team.

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