‘Gratitude is the gateway drug to abundance.’ ~ Pam Grout

I love this quote by the authour Pam Grout of ‘Thank & Grow Rich’. When it comes to the Law of Attraction/Vibration, it’s a known fact that feeling great is the quickest way to attract what we want into our lives. And this book discusses the foolproof way to raise your vibe: GRATITUDE. We can’t be depressed or unhappy when we are being grateful for all that we have. I talk a lot about tapping into the imagination and dreaming big. I ask people what do you want to ‘Be, Do, or Have’ imagining that there are no limits.

It’s fun to achieve what we set out to accomplish but to be honest, it’s not even about ‘getting the goodies’, it’s about who we become in the process! When we stretch ourselves beyond our comfort zone we can’t not grow.

I like journalling each day a list of 5 things I’m grateful for in my life – and have been doing so for years. My gratitude journals are like diaries I guess you could say. I also include the challenges or difficulties I may be experiencing in my g-list too. I now know that setbacks, mistakes, obstacles and pain are all the catalysts for growth. And that they are not happening TO me, but happening FOR me. It’s easy to be grateful for the good things, but being grateful for the not-so-great-things is really what gives me an opportunity to shift my perspective and grow. Abundance is a state of mind.

How do you stay grateful? Would love to hear about YOUR gratitude practice!

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