‘Maybe it’s not meant to be’.

Have you ever had this thought run through your mind regarding a dream that hasn’t come into your sights yet and seems almost too big?

After a call with a client yesterday I kept thinking about something she asked regarding one of her big dreams. She asked, ‘Is it okay if I make my dream of owning a cottage on a lake ‘smaller’ in my visualization? Like, maybe I will simply rent one periodically instead and that can be okay?’ I told her that of course our dreams can morph and evolve as we do and that we totally get to choose what our dream life will look like. And manifesting takes time, action and a whole lotta faith. But I also wondered what motivated her to think this way in the first place? I posed the hypothetical question what if someone in her life was being threatened by her not getting the cottage on the lake, would she then find the means and the urgency to do whatever it takes to make it happen?  My guess is she would.


How important is your big dream
and how hard are you willing to work for it?
Are you committed?


Or are you settling? Did you know that tolerating, settling and playing small is just fear in disguise?

Fear causes us to keep ourselves safe. Our mind will convince us to remain in our comfort zone and in turn we will stay stuck.

Additionally if you’re in doubt and don’t believe in the possibility of the BIG dream – you’ll likely struggle to achieve it. The belief needs to be as big as, if not bigger than the desire itself. And then you have to do everything in your power to make it happen.

With all of these hurdles to overcome, going for massive goals is most certainly not for the faint of heart.

Obstacles will temporarily come in and out of your world to test you on a regular basis.


I too have been challenged of late – finding my motivation waning due to the stay at home order. Earlier this week, I spoke to my coach about it and told her I’ve been ‘languishing’ (a new lockdown buzzword). She empathized and said, ‘I get it, 15 months is a long time, AND life is questioning you: How bad do you want it?’ That was a bit of an aha moment for me.

No matter the challenge, if we want the thing bad enough, we have to resume, reset, recommit, restart and redirect.

Love this quote from Ryan Blair, authour of Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: How I Went from Gang Member to Multimillionaire Entrepreneur: 

‘If it’s important you will find a way.
If not, you will find an excuse’.


P.S. I follow David Neagle and love his ‘Successful Mind’ podcast. His quote is in the similar vein of what I’m talking about.

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