MONDAY NOV. 1  2021 |  12PM PT/3PM ET


FREE Mindset & Manifesting Masterclass



Get my top tips for becoming all that you are secretly dreaming about.

You know you are just scratching the surface of your potential and are ready to become more aligned, courageous and confident in your calling. Yearning for more time, freedom, greater abundance, better health is simply an expression of your spirit leaning into expansion – which is what it’s meant to do!

You are a magnet to miracles.

You can become a manifesting maven.

During this masterclass you’ll learn:

How to attract more of what you want into your life. For anyone feeling that magnetic tug nudging you towards something something bigger…

This training addresses:

  • Ways to get clear on your deepest desires and
  • How to make them a reality

2 key concepts you’ll learn:

  1.   Everyone can succeed, no matter who, no matter what
  2.   Learn just how POWERFUL you truly are

You’ll leave with:

👉   A new-found understanding of how your thoughts create your reality

👉   Practical tactics for how to go from scarcity to abundance mindset

👉   Know-how to transmute fear into faith

👉   Excitement around reclaiming your dreams and desires


Do you want to manifest your desires now, or do you want to
continue to believe you need more time?

This class is for you if you’ve been feeling this way:

✔️ “My current life situation indicates that it’s time for change or reinvention.”

✔️ “I’m at a transition point, but I am unclear how the next phase is going to look.”

✔️ “I recognize the possibility for more freedom, energy, abundance and fulfillment.”

✔️ “I know there’s more to life than this.”



Hosted by Lisa Kelly, Mentor in the Art of Living Your Dreams
and Founder of Life Unlimited

Lisa Kelly is a Mentor in the Art of Living Your Dreams. With certification under Gabby Bernstein and Mike Dooley, she finds joy in inspiring others to find the courage to make the inner changes necessary for external transformation. With a focus on mindset, spiritual health, and accountability, Lisa loves helping people understand how powerful they truly are, harness their infinite potential and say YES to an extraordinary life!
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