Today I’m sharing how I went from dreaming about becoming a winning inspirational speaker to actually manifesting it!

On March 23, 2022 I came in THIRD PLACE with my speech called
‘That Inner Whisper Knows’
in a speaking competion on the theme of ‘Catalyst’.

Giving Up Felt So Appealing


Let me just say – this was NOT easy.

However, it began with listening to my intuition that this was something meant for me – however scary it might be. I held the vision, and kept taking baby steps not really knowing how it would manifest. The speech I won with was one that I’d been writing and scrapping for so many iterations – I lost count by last October.

A multitude of times throughout the process my inner critic said ‘Maybe I’m not cut out for this… Giving up would be so much easier.’ And giving up felt so appealing. But in my heart I knew it was not an option.

When we hear that voice and know the calling is meant for us, we must keep going no matter the hurdles.

When it came to my turn to present on the night of the event, I ended it with disappointment because I’d choked and stumbled throughout. Even though it was virtual – the live speech in front of 100 people gave me stage fright.

I was gobsmacked when they called my name for THIRD PLACE. I’d come to the event in the top 10, but had ranked 9th for the first go round. I won some prizes worth $1000, but for me the biggest win was advancing to the finals (called the GRAND SLAM) on Nov. 12, 2022. There I will compete on stage with 10 others on a live stage at the Paradise Theatre in Toronto with a brand new speech.

And check it out… you’ll notice that I have an image of speaking from a stage that I put on my vision board late 2019 around the time I launched this business.

I Started listening to my intuition



Often our desires and dreams take time to come to fruition. But as long as we:

1) Hold the vision

2) BELIEVE it’s going to happen (<– key behaviour)

3) Trust the process – practice faith

4) Keep taking baby steps in the general direction of our goal…

Miracles DO manifest!

So with that in mind, when was the last time you freshened up your vision board?

I offer digital vision board workshops every quarter so check back regularly!

Taking Action After the Vision Board

About a year after creating that vision board – Spring of 2021 – I joined Speaker Slam’s Academy so that I could hone my speaking skills. I saw so many inspiring speakers in their community I wondered if I might learn to become a good speaker too.

Once in the group I had the fantasy that maybe I might win a competition or even create a ‘signature video’ for one of my countless stories. Here we are – in the present – a year after joining Speaker Slam, where I DID place in their competition, and I DID get a signature video created (below)!! Wow!

My main objective in becoming a good storyteller is to hopefully inspire just ONE person to know that if they have a desire for change and growth, that they can do it!

It doesn’t happen overnight – nope – Rome wasn’t built in a day. AND there will be obstacles and struggles where you’ll want to give up, but if I can do it, anyone can.