If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I sing the glory of gratitude and cultivating a daily practice.

There’s a science behind gratitude

It improves our general well-being, increases our resilience, strengthens social relations and reduces stress. Gratitude also counters depression. And I have personally proven this firsthand. I’ve had a history of depression throughout my life and the longer I am on my journey of transformation – of which gratitude plays an integral role – my depression visits me less and less.

Research has shown that there is a correlation between having a gratitude practice and overall life satisfaction. Those who cultivate gratitude are generally happier. We can meet our needs of serenity and connectedness and we also level-up our emotional intelligence. Gratitude awakens our hormones and chemicals and actually impacts the neurological framework of the brain.

Gratitude is like rocket fuel for your manifestations

And – as an added bonus – gratitude is like rocket fuel for your manifestation practice. It not only raises your vibration and puts you in an energetic frequency where you appreciate what’s currently showing up, but it also communicates to the Universe that you’re open to receive the gifts you desire…

So guess what?

It can send you even more blessings!!

An easy way to do this is to build it in as part of your morning ritual. I usually journal a minimum of 5 things each day.

After meditating or exercising, or even with your morning coffee/tea – you can contemplate with gratitude all that you already have, as well as all that has yet to arrive. And with consistency, you’ll be working in perfect harmony with the Universe.

👉 Do you have a gratitude practice? How do you implement it? Please share in the comments, I love hearing from you!