Imagine the person you want to be. What does your life look like? Where are you spending your time? What is your daily work contribution? What do your bank accounts look like? What are you doing for fun? Who are you hanging with? How do you dress? With baby steps, start showing up as that person every day. And don’t give up. Start making decisions based on where you want to be and not where you’re at in the present. The world has many more opportunities for you than you’re aware of.

There was a time when I didn’t quite understand how this worked. I thought I did – I read self-help books and practiced affirmations daily – yet I also believed that many of my life wins and/or challenges were just random. I didn’t quite realize that whatever I focused on, the Universe would continue to bring me more of. I thought change was what happened TO me and not FOR me.

But then I educated myself on this stuff (investing in courses, coaches, certifications, reading, listening to podcasts etc.). And from that, as well as through my own life experiences, I learned that in order to become the person I wanted to be, I also needed to be happy in the present while moving towards more of what I desired.

As my guru Mike Dooley simply advises ‘Keep thinking the good thoughts, enjoy your life as it already is, and wherever possible – begin taking baby steps towards the life you desire’.

So to recap:

  • dream big
  • focus on what you want
  • take action (baby steps are enough)!
  • do what makes you happy – have fun in the present
  • be grateful for all that has already transpired and for what’s to come

– and you’ll be on the path in more ways than you can know.

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