Today I’m sharing about one particular workshop participant who manifested something HUGE – and super quickly – going from vision board to the physical entity all within 6 months.

Diana Olsen came to my digital vision board workshop this past winter (December 2020)… She was at a point in her career where she was ready for something new. After growing a business for 30 years – she decided to move away from it during Covid, and try another completely new endeavor from scratch.

Many people from Toronto reading this will know of Diana’s 30 year old baby – Balzac’s Café. A business she nurtured and developed into something phenomenal – including making a deal on Dragon’s Den catapulting it to further success.

In the December workshop, she decided that her vision board would be strictly focused on her path for a new business; allowing herself to take the time required for great beauty to unfold.

Recently I spoke with Diana about how her new online + bricks and mortar shop (named Inner Beach) went from vision to reality fast. In our interview she shares what the ‘Inner Beach’ philosophy is all about too. Of course we also discussed what all biz owners love to talk about – the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship. It was great to chat about overcoming obstacles and challenges including what to do when self-doubt creeps in – as it so frequently does!

Her dream went from vision to reality within Six Months!

I visited Diana’s store in Port Credit and it’s absolutely stunning – not to mention it’s a two minute jaunt to the shores of Lake Ontario. It’s the perfect setting for her surf shack aesthetic and a lovely escape to enjoy her store. I revelled in the vibe: an aquatic adventure and feast for the eyes in all things beachy. I highly recommend you take a trip to see Diana’s new baby and feed your soul’s own Inner Beach!

A Feast for the eyes… Feed your soul’s own inner beach

Maybe you are sitting on GOLD just waiting to be expressed!

A place I find a LOT of joy is working with people on their vision boards. Guiding, supporting and drawing out what the soul is whispering for them to step into. Many people who first come into the workshop literally have no clue what they’ll walk away with!

Something else that gives me a lot of joy – and perhaps EVEN MORE SO, is watching someone’s vision go from an image in their mind to manifestation in the physical form. It’s quite magical!

So many of you are sitting on SUCH GOLD and it’s just waiting to be expressed. Some people need others to believe in the vision first before they can.

If that’s you – I’m your dream guide to support you in what’s possible. You don’t have to know the HOW – you only have to feel the WHAT. 

If you’re thinking about starting something new, join me for quiet time in a vision board workshop to cultivate that inner whisper and hang with other like-minded creators. My next one is on August 27th.

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