Have you ever been on the precipice of doing something SUPER scary in your life? Have you ever felt so terrified to take the leap while knowing you just HAVE to do it in order to grow and it’s because it’s something you reeeally want? And you realize that the pain of not doing it will be greater than the temporary fear you must endure to get to the other side? Have you felt that extreme nervous excitement in your belly where it’s no longer butterflies, but rather more like a bowling alley down there?

I imagine it would be like the moment you’re standing on the edge of a cliff about to bungee jump or standing at the threshold about to hurl yourself out of a plane and skydive. I’ve done neither and have no desire, but recently did something else that’s pretty intense and I felt the fear physically. It was one of the scariest things I’ve done in a while.

I invested in 12 months of some PREMIUM coaching that will take my biz to the next level. My BIG money mindset monsters were seriously rearing their ugly heads – but I did it anyway because I knew in my soul and in my heart – it was the next right action to take. And I also know from experience that whenever I do these types of big things – the Universe always supports me – in ways I can never imagine. Lastly – it’s been on my vision board for about a year or more – so it’s time.

If you’re feeling the fear or sense you are being called, check out my coaching program. I’d be happy to jump on a Clarity Call with you explore next steps.

👉What’s something REALLY scary you’ve done in the past? Share in the comments!