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Manifesting Miracles Mastermind

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Get support from like-minded peers to
manifest your wildest dreams

Have You Ever…

Created a bucket list or thought about some life goals you’d like to achieve?

Perhaps read a lot of books about the law of attraction and about how ‘you’re a badass.’

Maybe then later felt disheartened because you haven’t manifested miracles simply by staring at your vision board? 

It’s not Rocket science that we must continually
take action to manifest our desires.

That’s why I offer these monthly mastermind meetups.

We can think about our desires all day long, but if we’re not putting in some effort, nothing is going to change. 

But here’s the thing: taking action can sometimes feel like work. And sometimes it feels more comfortable to say “I can do that tomorrow” when nobody’s looking.

However, if we have someone or something to keep us accountable, we can actually manifest miracles quite quickly.

From a Pro

I’m Lisa Kelly,
and I facilitate these monthly
mastermind meetups. 

I Know Masterminds Work because I use them in my own life.

For the past several years, I’ve made a digital vision board at the beginning of each season. But, like everyone else, I know it’s easy to get distracted from my dreams. I’ve found that creating a support network of like-minded dreamers is the most powerful way to stay on track.

By creating accountability in my life, I can be sure my daily to-do lists are strategic and targeted. My time, energy and attention goes toward the things I really want to see, do and have in my life.

How Does It Work?

At these 2.5 to 3 hour meetups on the second Tuesday of every month, participants share their wins and challenges, and plan how to take action on their vision board dreams. Everyone has a turn to describe their current situation, while others actively listen. Advice and encouragement is given if asked for.

Coffee or tea is provided, but we keep socializing to a minimum, keeping conversation intently focused on our goals. (Though we sometimes stay after our meetups to catch up!)

Each session includes a chunk of time for intentional coworking. You’ll leave with the feeling you’ve moved closer to your goal.

What You Get

2.5 – 3 hours of focused thinking about your priorities

Accountability and encouragement from 5-8 like-minded peers

Individual attention and advice from group members

Guided visualization for intention setting

Time to actually take action on your goals

Coffee or tea

Success Story

“Working with Lisa Kelly has had an incredible impact on almost every aspect of my life. My business grew 300% last year, and I have thrived personally in ways that I never thought possible. Lisa’s insights have guided me to see past my blind spots and to break through my own glass ceiling. Her wealth of knowledge continues to steer me in the right direction and has become an invaluable resource towards reaching my goals. I truly attribute this growth to the work we’ve done together and I’m sincerely grateful to have Lisa in my life!” – Emily McInnes, Founder and CEO, EYE BUY ART, Inc.

Date, Cost & Location

Our 2.5 to 3-hour meetups happen on the second Tuesday of every month commencing promptly at 9:30am.

Location: Melody Bar (at back), Gladstone Hotel 1214 Queen St W, Toronto (view map)

Price: $39+HST/meetup, $105+HST for 3 (10% discount), $375+HST annually (20% discount).

Payment options: E-transfer to Lisa (lisa at admin-guru dot ca).  Or via PayPal buttons below.

Pay As You Go $39

1 mastermind session

Quarterly $105

3 mastermind sessions (10 % discount)

Yearly $375

12 mastermind sessions (20 % discount)

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“Set a goal SO BIG that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can.”
– Unknown

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