Last week I found myself feeling uncomfortable with it being ‘too quiet’ in my business. The emails and messages I wanted to come in – didn’t. It was crickets. I found myself feeling unexpectedly sad. My mind went into old patterns of self-doubt. Gosh the mind’s old limiting beliefs can be so darn powerful at times, right?!

What I realized/remembered was that I just needed to be present. And to stop focusing on what wasn’t happening (in other words – to stop being in resistance to the quiet). So – I took a break mid-workday. I quit because none of it felt aligned anyway. I decided to take myself out to nature and I got present in the forest. I forgot everything. I didn’t think about work, clients, money, parenting, what tasks I had on my plate, or what day it was. I just enjoyed. I connected to the trees, weeds, butterflies, flowers, birds and chipmunks. I let all of my senses embody what was happening in the moment. It was a glorious 2 hours.

And guess what? No surprise here. When I did come back to work at the end of the day – everything flowed. I felt renewed and at peace… Of course – there are no coincidences; wouldn’t you know it – a synchronicity occurred about an hour after I returned home. A random stranger reached out and connected me to someone else to be a guest on their sobriety podcast. And we just met for coffee this morning! Not only that, I’m now booked to speak on her referral’s podcast.

The ego is always looking to the next activity.

There is so much to be said for being patient. Patience is our super power. It helps us take aligned action. It allows us to live a life of fulfillment. The ego is always looking to the next activity. When we are impatient and chomping at the bit to ‘get there’ already, it’s the ego in fear. It’s the ego’s insecurity of needing to prove itself or get somewhere. And the ego wants to run away from the present and get to the next goal. But by being patient – allowing space – we create a gap for growth and opportunity.

My higher self chooses every aspect of reality.

Getting present and allowing space reinforces my trust in the Universe. My higher self chooses every aspect of reality. The beauty, the disappointment, the challenges, and the intrigue. I don’t need to act based on old paradigms. My higher self knows who I truly am. What if my being is requiring myself to laugh, spend time with a friend, be in nature? I want to always remember that my thoughts are not facts. And to question every thought. That narrative is not me. I don’t want to allow my ego to be the master. I want to embrace my life as it is now. In the present moment. For me, this is a practice – the practice of a lifetime.

🌸 If this is resonating I invite you to practice patience. What’s one area of your life you could use a little more patience? Reply in the comments.