Do you expect the best as much as you’d like to? Or do you automatically and unconsciously expect the worst? Most likely without being aware of it, you were programmed to think this way. Somebody who seemed very wise taught you to do this. Because if you expect the worst, you’re already prepared for it. And if something better happens, well then – it’s a pleasant surprise! And although this may sound good in theory, remember the Universe delivers to you what you’re most focused on. So if you’re focusing on the worst, guess what the Universe gives you?

It’s not surprising that so many of us were taught to expect the worst, live in fear, play small, and only just meet our basic needs to survive when we were young. My grandparents lived through the Great Depression so of course it’s natural this is what my parents would pass on to myself and my siblings.

But what about exploring the idea of clearing away that old underlying belief that’s never served you? Have you ever toyed with expanding your desires and saying ‘why not me’? It takes practice, but you can reprogram yourself to install positive expectation.
If in the past you were able to expect the worst and be prepared for it, then why not flip your thoughts, expect the best and prepare for THAT!

All it takes is baby action steps toward your desired outcome and the belief that it is destined for you. Allow yourself to feel all of the great feelings tied to receiving the best. Prepare for what is already on it’s way by acting as if! When you keep saying ‘why not me’ it makes it easier to put plans into place for your future self. SET that DATE on your calendar, make that CALL, shop for the shoes for the dream job. Before you know it you’re going to see and feel a shift within yourself. You will feel happier and the Universe will respond accordingly. Try it out, and let me know what shows up!

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