Today is a powerful new moon in Leo. All new moons are powerful, but this one is especially due to the 8 – 8 Lionsgate portal (8th month, 8th day). I’m not a pro astrologer by any stretch, but if you’re interested in what exactly this Lionsgate business means, click here.

Be Unapologetic About What You Want

Remember Leo is the lion, an action-oriented fire sign and is all about stepping into the sun and shining brightly. It’s also about courage. Now would be a good time be unapologetic about going for what you want. It’s a brave stance but by being the leader, you’ll be setting the example for others to do the same.

Our Biggest Desires Demand Us to get out
of our comfort zone

Now let’s discuss doing things that take courage. For the most part the biggest goals we want to achieve are the hardest to attain because they demand us to get out of our comfort zone. The action we must take either feels terrifying or it is simply something we don’t really enjoy doing.

The Difference between successful people
and those who settle for less

Recently I heard that the difference between successful people and those not-so-successful people is that the former keep their eye on the pleasing end result – whereas the latter look for pleasing methods… Success comes from the consistent habit of doing things that we don’t necessarily feel great doing – taking us out of the place of comfort. It’s a hard truth but it’s where confidence comes from. The more we are courageous – our capability increases, and before we know it, that thing that felt uncomfortable feels easier! And we become either much closer to the desired end result or it’s already manifested and it’s time to begin the cycle of growing again.

When setting your intentions on this new moon today, think about possible ways you’ve been holding yourself back. It’s time to step out into the spotlight and not be shy about self-expression and promotion. If what you’re offering adds value and inspiration to someone’s life, then why not share it?