Remember Jack Black’s band Tenacious D? This isn’t about the band, but recently I have been inspired by the topic of tenacity.

For me I think of one of the biggest turning points requiring tenacity in my life was my recovery story. I have been very open about my past addiction to alcohol and how I got sober 15 years ago.

Something I heard mentioned at meetings when I was a newbie goes something like this ‘My mind is like a bad neighbourhood I try not to go into alone’. That resonated (and still does).

New flash. Your ego is NOT your amigo. It will do anything in its power to keep you small, limited, and dim your light. It will have you avoid, hide, stick your head in the sand. Its M.O. is to find problems, complain, be the judge and victim at the same time and its sole purpose is to keep you safe and comfortable. Whining is winning!

Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo


So when we want to climb a mountain and do some extraordinary challenge, we have to realize that not only do we have to face the task at hand – but also have the self-awareness that our mind will resist and try to find reasons to quit – and sometimes not even start.

But things we want to achieve are about DOING – taking action. Not thinking about it or feeling the thinking. Because once in action, it only gets smoother and easier. Then, momentum comes, and we can continue on – getting more free as we go.

Tenacity Is Like Building A Muscle


It can stop the ego from laying the bricks of that resistance wall between your perceived fear and your dreams.

Next time your ego says: what if we just give up? Tenacious You can say: hold up! What if we just keep going?!

Tenacious You is the quiet determination, commitment and persistence during those thousands of moments you chose not to quit.

I want to remind you that if you haven’t hit the success you are after yet – it just means you haven’t failed enough.

If you haven’t hit the success you’re after, you haven’t failed enough

A couple of weeks ago I shared that I placed 3rd in a speaking competition back in March (after many failed attempts).

Here is the final recording. I went all in creating this signature legacy video with Speaker Slam and I am so happy with it!


I want you to know a few things about this endeavour…

1) The writing, memorizing and recording of the speech was not easy. It took me months of re-writes to say what I wanted to say in 4 and a half minutes and have it feel inspirational and true to the journey.

2) The other thing that was not easy was ‘coming out’ about my sobriety a few years back. Due to stigma I stayed silent about my recovery for years. But the yearning to be authentic and transparent eventually won out. And, it’s liberating to not care about being judged anymore.

3) And finally – getting sober – in and of itself wasn’t easy. I had to take it one day at a time. This work is an inside job. I’m very grateful for who I’ve become in the process.

In all of the 3 cases I’ve just relayed to you – there were MANY times where I second guessed myself and wanted to throw in the towel. But I didn’t. I never gave up. I practised doing hard and scary things every step of the way. I kept building the muscle of tenacity. To achieve what I wanted took courage and determination.

Are you working through some challenging stuff? Feel like giving up? I have been there!

You are doing an amazing job. For real. You’re incredible. Some days it’s challenging just to be human!

You don’t have to do it alone.

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Sometimes doing the work feels almost impossible, but getting to the other side is sooo rewarding!