Remove this expression from your vocabulary:

‘Be realistic’.

What does it even mean??

Being “realistic” or “logical” is the first step to living your life in self-imposed limitation!

If I were realistic, or logical I’d never have created my own economy, flexible work hours or the ability to work from wherever I want in the world. If I let this limiting thinking impact my decisions I’d still be where I was 12 years ago…same old same, and creating more of the same.

Is that what you want? I don’t think so!

As my guru Mike Dooley’s ‘Note From The Universe’ reminds us:

Here’s a hint on figuring out your life’s purpose:
It almost never lies behind the door marked “Just be logical.”


I’ll never forget the mix of feelings – exhilaration, pride and fear – that I had sitting at this table at my very first event as fresh and green soloprenerur. A brand new owner – hanging the ‘open for business’ shingle up on my children’s yoga and art classes. I had been thinking about doing it for about 6 months before I took a very ‘non-realistic and illogical’ leap of quitting my secure and stable career.

What an experience – crafting a business plan, getting the marketing together, a website, photos, branding, bookkeeping, asking my mom and dad for a small loan etc. I was completely winging it in the beginning! And there were MANY challenges and obstacles, but my belief, faith and excitement carried me through. The challenges and self-doubt never go away either, but my ‘bounce-back-ability’ has certainly strengthened.

Growth is uncomfortable, but so is staying somewhere you’ve outgrown


Often our big dreams can sometimes seem like a fantasy – because we’ve never done anything like it before. And it’s oh so easy to let our ego take over and tell us all the reasons it could never become reality. We can’t condemn the ego either, it’s just trying to keep us safe. The ego loves to remind us to be realistic and just be logical. But we have to acknowledge that we live in an abundant Universe, and just like everything else in nature, we’re meant to grow and expand. It’s why we’re here!

I believe it’s actually our duty to show up and shine. Not only do we ourselves benefit in infinite ways, but so does everyone around us. And maybe someone else might be inspired and do the same by watching us. You can never really know who’s counting on you to commit to your calling.

Doing something big – following your massive dreams – is not for the faint of heart, and is uncomfortable, but so is staying somewhere you’ve outgrown. You get to choose which uncomfortable you can tolerate. ‘Staying safe’ and ‘realistic’ eventually gets uncomfortable – and you can tolerate remaining there, but the question is – for how long?

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you can tolerate remaining there, but the question is – for how long?


I will help you with next best steps to start a new biz, write a book or movie, speak on a stage, hit your next financial milestone, travel the world full-time, run the marathon, attract the love of your life, buy the beachfront property… whatever your BIG DREAMS are! I am a mentor on a mission to install unshakeable confidence in everything you do!

I believe in you and the calling with your name on it.

Your ever loving cheerleader,