Today, I’m sharing info on how the Law of Attraction really works and how to leverage it with manifestation techniques. There are some very specific principles to implement into daily life in order to harness our own power in co-creating with the Universe’s support. In understanding and using these techniques and tools in my own life I’ve manifested many AMAZING things in some VERY surprising ways. I’ll share:

• How I attained $250K in financial assistance for my son at one of this country’s best private schools
• How I ended up doing a road trip driving through the Rocky Mountains with my son – a dream I’d had for a long time
• How I ended up teaching art to kids at a school in Port-au-Prince with my son (who was 8 at the time) and staying in a beach house on the shores of a desolate island off the coast of Haiti
• How I manifested a scholarship to take a certification training with Mike Dooley in Denver last year
• How I recently manifested a gig teaching these concepts at a treatment centre in New Hampshire – during the pandemic – no less
• How I left my career and started my first small business as a children’s yoga and art teacher with very little capital 10 years ago
• How I manifested an angel investor in my last business – Admin Guru
• How I manifested trips to the UK for my son and myself
• How I manifested an amazing uplifting weekend conference and warehouse loft air bnb in NYC
• How I ended up teaching at Green School Bali in the most unexpected way last December

Law of Attraction 101

  • Everything in the universe including ourselves is made of energy and is always in constant motion. This vibration attracts other energies on the same frequency. Like energies attract other like energies.
  • Our thoughts are energy and create our reality. Our external circumstances are a reflection of what goes on inside our head. Whatever vibrational energy we are emitting will attract more of the same.
  • Raise your vibration to attract more good into your life.

Manifesting Mindfully

Once we’re aware of how the LOA works we can begin to implement practices to help attract the things we desire into our life. No longer do circumstances come at us randomly and even if at first we think so, we begin to notice them as part of the divine plan they actually are. Various trainings, books, and courses on this subject have taught me many simple fundamentals and how to manifest mindfully and with purpose. Here are a few:

  • Think about and envision the desired outcome and end result in clear, vivid, specific detail
  • Do NOT worry about the HOW it can/will manifest
  • Get into the FEELING of what it would be like once you’ve attained that outcome or desire (creative visualization can help facilitate this)
  • Just because you can’t see any evidence of that thing in the present moment with your 5 physical senses, it doesn’t mean that it’s not already on it’s way to you. 
  • Make your decisions based on what you desire and not on what you know
  • Keep moving (taking action). When we put in consistent effort, the Universe’s support becomes much more evident via synchronicities and ‘coincidences’ 
  • Watch your words. What we say – often unconsciously both aloud and to ourselves – shines a spotlight on our thoughts and thus, our underlying beliefs
  • Expect the unexpected. In fact, start looking all around for good and you’l notice good things more and more! Start each day with saying ‘Today is going to be an awesomely amazing day!’. Become a miracle magnet.
  • Feel good now. Do what makes you happy. For me, this looks like having an attitude of gratitude, having fun being playful, being of service, getting out in nature etc. This raises our vibe and attracts more of what we want in our life. PS – I’m not talking about ‘spiritual bypassing’. For challenging life circumstances, acknowledge your emotions and situation and ask for help if it makes sense.

One of the most exciting things about this whole manifesting topic is the fact that when our desires are indeed eventually realized, they come to us in ways we NEVER would have been able to predict! When we continually apply the practices I’ve outlined above, the gifts from the Universe are always made manifest in an extraordinary and unfathomable ways. That’s why it’s SO important to let go of the ‘cursed HOWs’ as my mentor Mike Dooley likes to call them. Trying to micro-manage ‘the how’ can actually limit us and doesn’t make room for the Universe to conspire and create on our behalf. And the more I live this, the more I know this to be true as I see it happening in my life all the time. 

If you’d like to up-level your manifesting practice, use this powerful guided meditation I’ve created. It’s a brief video, yet powerful visualization tool for raising your vibe and feeling into what is possible for your future self!

Lisa Kelly is a talented, passionate, warm and inclusive teacher. Her training is important life work that we can all benefit from. My experience of doing her program was that of extreme joy; mid-course I got soo inspired and excited I financed a car to start my own business!

Allie Eagan

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