As you know, it’s my absolute passion to support others with getting clear on their vision, believing in the dream, taking baby steps to get to that goal – and all the while holding unwavering faith. 

Today I’m sharing a couple of accomplishments of my own that started with a whisper of desire and over time, manifested into reality. 

First I’ll share the biggie. Last week I made it into the TOP TEN list of speakers at Speaker Slam competition! I have to say – this was a much bigger undertaking than I first imagined. The task was to craft a compelling story about the theme (in this case it was ‘Fathers’), talk about what I learned from that experience, and share a universal message that might inspire the listener. As I embarked on this project, I found writing the speech the easy part. More challenging was memorizing the 4 minute talk, reciting, editing repeatedly to get it right, and then finally RECORDING it in one take.

This dream definitely pushed me beyond my comfort zone in more ways than one, but I also learned some new skills. I’ve had ‘Speaking’ on my vision board for about 18 months now, and by doing this first attempt – I can see there is still much room for growth. I will keep honing and practicing; this is just the beginning! Next goal: TOP THREE. You can view my speech below.

It started with a whisper of desire and got placed on my vision board

The second thing I’d like to share is that I completed a charity run for Pride & Remembrance Run for #PrideMonthTO last Friday.

In February, I wrote about working toward this goal and how I was ramping up to running 5km. I was psyched with my progress! (Full blog post here).

Unfortunately a groin injury flared up in April, my running ceased and I began physiotherapy. At first I was very disappointed that I couldn’t run and I would have to postpone. But after a while, I decided – ‘no, I’m not cancelling – I’ll still do it, but will walk it instead’. I walk aprox. 20km each week, but doing this for a cause and raising some $$ made it feel like an official accomplishment.

I got excited about it again! Sometimes our vision will manifest much differently than we initially imagine and more often than not – even better – as is what happened for me. In the end, I rallied my brother to walk it with me and my son and his buddy ran it, so instead of me going solo, it became a family affair.

Usually our vision manifests even better
than we imagine

I hope that by sharing these wins, I’ve inspired you to push beyond your comfort zone and do something you secretly desire – something really BIG – even if it scares you half to death! Go for it. I’ll be your cheerleader!

Frankly, it’s not even about ‘getting the thing’ – it’s about who we become; who we grow into. Manifesting isn’t about getting – it’s about becoming.

I would LOVE to hear what secret desire or big dream you have that you’re working on or wanting to make a reality. Please share in the comments or book your free clarity call with me. I’d love to hear where you’re at!