Why is a vision board is so magical? I like to think that it’s because a vision board is like a window into the soul.

And I believe that the only responsibility we have here on this planet is to follow the inclinations of the soul. When we do this, it’s how we truly become of the highest service – because we’re in our highest joy. When listening to the whispers of our heart, following that magnetic tug and stepping into who we are meant to be, we can’t help but exude passion, creativity and life-force energy. This is living in alignment with our true and highest self.

A vision board is a visual representation of the soul’s calling. Each one of us has our own unique personal dreams and desires. Sometimes during the creation process of the board, new visions come to light – a calling we’d not yet been made aware of. Coming from deep within – had we not taken the time.

When we allow ourselves to listen, tap into the heart’s imagination and take action on those big dreams – we not only become happier, but others around us benefit too.

To anyone reading this who is listening to their inner guide, following their intuition’s path, and in their highest expression –  thank you for doing that. Because everyone else benefits and our world can always use more of that. Much gratitude to you.

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