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Vision Board Workshop

**All Workshops have moved online and are facilitated over zoom until further notice.

Devote half a day to dreaming big
and reap the benefits for an entire season

Have You Felt this Way?

“My life is so busy, I don’t have time to pursue my passions.”

“I’m at a transition point, but I have no idea how the next phase is going to look.”

“I wouldn’t know my heart’s desire if it was staring me in the face.”

“There must be more to life than this.”

You’re Not Alone

The world has become a busy, cluttered place, with many messages, tasks and ideas competing for your attention. No matter how much you want to achieve your goals, it’s difficult to stay focused on them for a sustained length of time. 

Sometimes, we may have fleeting ideas of what we want to be, do or have in our lives. At other times, we may not have a clue about what we want in the future. Or maybe  have a secret desire we’ve yet to breathe aloud. 

Meanwhile, years are passing, and you’re losing faith that you have what it takes, that you even want what you want, because if you wanted it, wouldn’t you already have it by now? 

It’s never too late to attract the things you want. You can start right now.

With this half-day, in-person digital visioning session in a small group, you’ll get clear on what you really want and make a plan to start working towards it.

You’ll finish the day with a personalized digital vision board to take home and the motivation to bring it to life. 

Inspired Guidance
from a Pro

I’m Lisa Kelly,  and I’ll be your
Vision Board Workshop

I know Vision Boards work because they’ve changed my life.

For the past several years, I’ve made a vision board every December in preparation for the new year ahead. And every time I make a new one, I love to look back at the old one. I’m always nodding and chuckling at how many items on my collage have already manifested in some form or another.

I use vision boards to get clear on my ideals and values, let go of what’s getting in my way, and attract the people, ideas, and things I want to see in my present reality.

The truth is, patience and action are also always required. The things I want don’t necessarily come easily, and overnight. But every day, my vision board helps me stay clear on my highest priorities. 

Vision boards aren’t a quick fix. They’re a long-term project. And that’s what makes them so powerful. Sustained effort over time causes major change in the long term. And that’s the kind of change I really value in my life. I need change that is meaningful, but sustainable. Focused work, maybe, but full of joy and happiness definitely.

I believe everyone should experience the satisfaction of visualizing their dreams as a way of making them come true. That’s why I offer these quarterly vision board workshops.

Intimate Personal Setting

** NOTE – all workshops are conducted online until further notice

Located in a cozy spot in west-end Toronto.
Offered every December, March, June & September.
Group size is never more than 12 people.
Enjoy the company of like-minded peers.
Morning workshop normally from 10am to 1:30pm


How Does It Work?

We’ll use this 3.5-hour work period to envision the ideal outcomes in each area of your life. I’ll lead you through the reflective visioning process every step of the way. 

In a safe place, with a bit of instruction and a guided meditation, you will gain access to your own personal language of symbolism and imagery. 

You’ll get clarity on what you really want. No more holding back.
No more settling for someone else’s dreams!

Then, I’ll show you how to create a collage of images that represent your highest vision for your future.

At the end of the session, participants will share their visions with the group. By articulating your choices and challenges out loud, you’ll deepen your commitment and find support among peers.

What You Get

A half-day of breathing room and dream time

Connection with 10 – 12 like-minded peers

Clarity on what you really want

All the tools and time you need to create a vision board

Your very own digital vision board to print out, carry with you on your phone, or save as your desktop

Workshops are facilitated at the beginning of every Quarter

Success Story

“I was stuck and uninspired in my career and finding myself increasingly discouraged. I heard about Lisa’s vision board workshop, and despite never having done anything like it before, decided to give it a try.

That vision board workshop set in motion a series of inspired forward actions that have brought me to a place of ongoing exploration and alignment. Lisa invites her clients to dream big without fear of consequence. Lisa’s encouragement to envision my best life gave me permission to see what was possible for myself in a way that I hadn’t been able to access before.

Less than one year later, I am transitioning into a vibrant and fulfilling new career and enjoying life in ways I did not imagine when I took my seat in Lisa’s vision board workshop. I am grateful beyond words to Lisa for her mentorship and guidance in mindset transformation.”
~ Sharyn Abelson, Whole-Life and Leadership Coach

I offer Corporate workshops too

Ask me how I can bring my Vision Board Workshop to your office. For team building, alignment with the company’s vision, problem solving, camaraderie or reigniting a spark for your mission. This workshop will bring a new-found excitement to any group. Learn more about booking your event here.

‘We recently invited Lisa to our department to conduct her vision board workshop for staff. Everyone who attended agreed that what we learned during Lisa’s workshop was a game-changer. This workshop was a unique and engaging opportunity to take a step back and focus, both personally and professionally, on goals and dreams. It was a fulfilling experience for each of us individually – to learn about ourselves and to achieve clarity of purpose. But it was also a tremendous team-building experience, an opportunity to learn about each other, and to acquire a skill we can apply in the corporate context to support our goals and aspirations in the organization. We have since decided to create a vision board for our collective 2020 department goals – and may also implement this tool to help us focus and to inspire us on special projects and initiatives. There are endless possibilities. I would highly recommend this workshop to any business or organization – it is powerfully motivational for team members and has limitless potential value for your bottom line.’

Nadia M

Department Manager for large regulatory organization, (company name asked to be omitted for privacy reasons)

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“Imagination is everything.
It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

– Albert Einstein

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