Read that again. Whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing. I can’t find the source of this quote – I wanted to give credit – but regardless, I think it’s brilliant. Is fear holding you back from living your best life? Are you getting in your own way?
Think of this image of the hourglass as a representation of your life. None of us know exactly how much sand is left in the top half of our own personal hourglass. One thing I do know is that waiting to take a chance, or risk due to fear is more detrimental than actually going for it and failing. At least when we’ve taken that leap we can course correct and learn from it if it didn’t originally go as we’d planned. I have a question for you. Do you want to start growing now or do you want to continue believing you need more time to manifest your desires?

If you’re like me, you want to be a shining example of strength, perseverance, resilience and success to the important people around you. In my case, I want my son to see that I am able to achieve my goals and manifest things beyond my wildest dreams. In order to do this, I recognize that I have to stretch myself and show up every day – larger than I was the day before. And that’s not always easy. But knowing the sort of legacy I want to leave behind is what keeps me moving forward. Choosing courage over comfort even when I feel the fear (which is most of the time, to be honest) can be tough! But the good news is that it’s okay to take baby steps, and taking action perpetuates clarity. So even if you’re uncertain – ANY action is better than no action.

Sometimes I like to draw my own illustrations for my social media graphics!

Yesterday I saw a video of Bob Proctor saying ‘We’re only here for a short time – make it a good time’. It reminded me that even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic and things are very different – it’s important that we still go for our dreams and to have fun while doing it!

If you are wondering what small action you can take today – please download my free ‘Dream Sheet’ to get you on the path and one step closer to a life you desire! It will help you tap into your imagination and contemplate with clarity all that you want to BE/DO/HAVE in this lifetime. Treat yourself – you deserve it!